Only a select few on the Texans’ roster had a choice in the number they wear, and some chose to honor players they idolized growing up. Andre Johnson has established himself as one of the best receivers in the NFL wearing the same No. 80 that wore.

Johnson is not the only Texan to pay tribute to a favorite player by wearing their number. For instance, backup quarterback wears No. 7 to honor Hall of Fame quarterback .

Among other Texans rookie defensive players, cornerback grew up near Dallas as a Cowboys fan and wears No. 41 just like . wholesale nfl jerseys from china Rookie defensive end , who played at the , chose No. 98 because it was worn by former Bearcat Antwan Peek. Peek was the Texans’ third round pick in 2003 and played four seasons before signing with Cleveland.

But other reasons do come into play for number selection. Like Panthers defensive end , is a North Carolinian who was picked high in the draft and wears No. 90. Although Williams respects Peppers, it’s not why he chose the number.

had nothing to do with him, Williams said. just wanted 90 because I thought it would be a pretty number.

There’s a long list of players who had no choice in the matter. , receiver , center , guard , linebacker and many others share the same story about their numbers.

just what was hanging in my locker the first day I showed up as a rookie, tight end said of No. 81.

Serves as a reminder

Defensive tackle wears No. 66 because it was a temporary number the Texans gave him when the roster was too big to give him one that matched his position. It now reminds him where he came from, and he says he’ll never change it.

But for some players, not having a choice can work out well. The first time defensive tackle wore No. 97 was at the Oil Bowl, a high school all star game between Texas and Oklahoma. Okam was named Defensive MVP of the game, and he stuck with the number at Texas and later with the Texans.

Several veteran players took up new numbers as a sign of change from their previous teams. Safety , linebacker , receiver Andr Davis and defensive tackle just wanted a new look when they came to a new team.

But not everybody changes numbers willingly. Players often have to take up a new number because their new team has someone who has been around longer or has a bigger contract.

A matter of necessity

Defensive tackle wore No. 90 for 12 of his 14 seasons before joining the Texans in 2007. He switched to 92 because Williams had 90.

Quarterback had always worn No. 7 until the Falcons drafted him in 2004 to back up . Schaub changed to No. 8 and stuck with the number with the Texans. Quarterback had always worn No. 8 but had to switch to No. 5 with the Texans.

worn 8 since high school, and it feels funny sometimes to look down and see 5, Grossman said. I’ll get used to it. 1 because he’s the best, all the way up to defensive tackle claiming he’s No. 99 because he’s last don, there’s a story behind every number.