Weight loss app shows what you would look like after dropping pounds

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A new app that allows users to see what they would look after losing weight is being downloaded in droves after being featured on Dr. Oz Show last week.

Visualize You,wholesale nfl jerseys a smartphone and tablet app created by Colorado based Visual Health Solutions, hopes to spur successful weight loss plans by giving users the chance to see themselves at their ideal weight.

With the app, users can take a selfie or upload an existing one, enter their current body dimensions and target weight, then slide their finger and watch the pounds fall off. According to the app website, it uses a 3D model engine and weight change algorithms to make a depiction of what the user would look like at their goal weight.

are looking for an effective way to motivate themselves and their friends to embark on a formal healthy weight program wrote Paul Baker, CEO of Visual Health Solutions, in an email on Monday.

After officially launching April 3, Visualize You has had 115,000 downloads from Apple App Store and 20,000 from Android Google Play Store, according to Baker.