If you have ever been to a basketball game at Broadneck High, you know the atmosphere is similar to that of a big time college game thanks to the Bruins’ pep band.

Their pep band generates excitement and entertainment.

Broadneck’s musical crew plays rock and roll to catchy music heard around the country in major sports arenas.

These musicians have a knack for the most timely tunes and are enthusiastic, Cheap Jerseys free shipping although they sometimes are warned by the referees to cool it while the ball is in play.

Now the bad news. Once again the sometimes pompous Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association has ruled that pep bands are not allowed in the regional tournaments.

Yes, the MPSSAA wants to take all the fun and school spirit out of athletic tournaments.

« I’m waiting for a state memo telling us that fans can’t cheer too loud, keep the noise level below 90 decibels, » said Broadneck assistant athletic director Tim McMullen.

« I ask them why the pep bands who play all year can’t play when we get to the regionals, and they say, ‘because that’s what we have always done.’ That’s great isn’t it? »

It’s ridiculous, that’s what it is, but I guess it’s in line with such things as open tournaments where 0 20 teams can play in the postseason.

Fans who attended the Fuel Fund Classic at UMBC in December and then the Charm City Classic at Loyola College, thought the Bruin pep band was a great addition.

About softball attire, it seems that the National Federation wants to dress up their coaches.

Beginning this spring, no jeans, no sweat shirts, no fleece lined jackets and no more dresses for softball coaches.

The new rule says the coaches must wear « school uniform or jersey, coaching shorts or slacks that have to be the same color as the team’s shorts or pants. »

If wearing a shirt, it must be the same color as the team jersey and warm ups must be nonfleece in school colors.

Arundel coach Paul Yannuzzi is considering leather coaches’ shorts because leather has not been outlawed.

« We might put our coaches in green leather hot pants, » joked Arundel athletic director Bernie Walter upon hearing the new rule.

On the ice

Navy’s club hockey team is headed for Arizona this weekend to play two games.

The Mids (13 3 2) are coming off their 7 3 victory over (11 5 1) Worcester (Mass.) in the 18th Crab Pot final. It was Navy’s sixth overall Crab Pot title.

In the last seven years under Jim Barry, the Navy hockey program has grown to three teams (A, B and C) with 75 Mids playing.

Washington Capitals Sylvain Cote and Keith Jones participated in pre game ceremonies at the Crab Pot.

During the NHL strike, Cote helped O. T. Campbell coach the St. Mary’s High ice hockey team and recently donated jerseys and sticks to the Saints.